2003, Straight? 2, Alyson, “Angelic Snot”, erotica, author

2005, Buzz and Israel, Charlie Vázquez, Fireking Press, self-published novel, author

2006, Best Gay Love Stories: NYC, Alyson, “Interiors”, erotica, author

2007, Business as Unusual, Charlie Vázquez, Fireking Press, self-published fiction collection, author

2007, Fast Balls, Alyson, “Juego de pelota”, erotica, author

2008, Best Gay Erotica 2008, Cleis, “Rushing Tide of Sanity”, erotica, author

2008, Backdraft, Cleis, “Anthony”, erotica, author

2008, Queer and Catholic, “Presión bajo gracia”, essay, author

2008, Gallery, Charlie Vázquez, Fireking Press, self-published short story collection, author

2010, Best of the Best Gay Erotica 3, Cleis, “Rushing Tide of Sanity”, erotica, author

2010, Contraband, Charlie Vázquez, Rebel Satori Press, a novel, author

2010, The Best of PANIC!, Fireking Press, bilingual anthology editor and contributor

2011, From Macho to Mariposa, Lethe Press, bilingual fiction anthology co-editor

2011, Meditations/Meditaciones: Bronx/Salsa, Charlie Vázquez, Fireking Press, bilingual poetry collection, author

2011, Music for Butterflies, J. Skye Cabrera, self-published poetry/prose, bilingual editor

2011, Juliet’s Last Breath, Gabrielle Rivera, pending novel, editor

2011, Audio Spanish interview transcripts for a Johnny Pacheco biography in development by Juan Moreno-Velázquez, pending

2012, Demystification of a Diva: The Truth Behind the Myth of La Lupe, Juan Moreno-Velázquez, pending, English manuscript editor

2012, When the City Sleeps, Bonafide Rojas, Grand Concourse Press, poetry, bilingual co-editor

2012, Homage to the Warrior Women, Peggy Robles-Alvarado, poetry, bilingual editor

2012, Love, Christopher Street, “The Voices”, essay, author

2012, Adelina’s Perfect Girl, Meriam Rodríguez, La Vie Boheme Press, novel, bilingual editor

2013, Rooftop Reflections, James Peach McClory, poetry collection, editor

2014, Brooklyn’s Daughter, Maria Rodriguez, poetry collection, editor

2014, Bronx Memoir Project – Volume 1, Bronx Writers Center, BCA Media, editor


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