Dancer Jasmine Hearn and Cirque Du Vie Youth Circus Troupe Featured in BCA’s 2018 NEA Big Read Celebration!

Dancer and choreographer Jasmine Hearn and the Cirque Du Vie youth performance troupe were featured in this year’s NEA Big Read, signalling a significant shift in youth and teen attendance for BCA events, which typically attract artists of all ages and adults borough wide. This intentional focus on youth engagement will continue through new programs being developed in collaboration with BCA’s Longwood Art Gallery. Public school students in the Bronx are some of the nation’s most under-served, in what is often considered the cultural capital of the United States. Below are some highlights from this year’s celebration in honor of Chilean author Alejandro Zambra and his novel “Ways of Going Home”, which examines inter-generational trauma and alienation, among other urgent social issues.