The Blue Faerie (A poem)


(Photo by Marisol Diaz, 2017)


The Blue Faerie


Appears between concrete trees

Tall on toe tips she streaks

Across glass glittered field to

Vanish in earthy ruins renewed

Emerges from a mural anew

To see if you’re still watching

The Blue Faerie thrives amidst

The smoking devastation, she

Takes to the air, covers her mouth

Giggles at your sigh of surprise

Lands far off in the distance

Spies you from behind concrete

Trees lingering on the horizon

Shouts in your ear when you

Forget to remember, she darts back

Into night on quicksilver tip toes

Never to be seen again…


(This poem was inspired by the dancer Jasmine Hearn. Don’t miss her performance at BAAD! for the upcoming Big Read… DETAILS HERE.)