Please Consider #Giving to the Bronx Writers Center Today… #DoGood

I became Director of the Bronx Writers Center at Bronx Council on the Arts to make a difference in the neighborhoods I grew up in and beyond. The Bronx was a different place back in the 1970s and 1980s, yet continues to confront unique challenges.

Nearly 1.4 million people from around the world reside here, nearly a third of which live below the poverty line. We continue to struggle with health issues such as exorbitant asthma rates, among others. Yet there’s magic here like nowhere else.

It was here that I discovered the genius of one-time resident Edgar Allan Poe in grade school, where I began writing lyrics and poetry that would grow into a writing habit that would produce works of published fiction years later. Now I help others do the same.

You can help us tell our stories. Please make a donation today and help us reach more voices in 2017… I’m not asking for much.

$20 buys supplies for 2 writing workshops
$50 buys supplies for 5 writing workshops
$100 produces 1 writing workshop
$500 produces 5 writing workshops



Charlie Vázquez

Director, Bronx Writers Center

Bronx Council on the Arts

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